Who is Bidfood?

Bidfood is New Zealand’s largest wholesale supplier of food, beverage and kitchen consumables to the hospitality and foodservice mmarkets. Bidfood is an approved provider of essential services.

What is Bidfood Home?

BidfoodHome is a service to support the community using our logistics footprint to get food to people who are concerned about using the usual methods to replenish their supplies.

Once I submit the registration form – what are the next steps?

After you complete registration, you should hear back from us within 24 hours. We will check your address to see if we are delivering in your area and if so we will open an account and email you a login. If you have not heard from us after 48 hours, please contact 0800 243 3663 or email us at: homedelivery@bidfood.co.nz.

Is my area in the delivery zones?

Please visit our website www.bidfoodhome.co.nz. Our registration process will guide you through validating if we are able to deliver to your address.

My address isn’t showing but other streets in my area are, why is this?

Our address checking process is still developing. If you believe your street could be in a delivery area there is a field in the registration form for you to note your address for checking by our team.

Can I see your products and pricing without signing up as a customer?

Unfortunately no – you must be a BidfoodHome customer in order to see products and pricing. As Bidfood is a wholesale supplier, some of our systems are different to what you may typically expect from an online shopping experience.

How do deliveries slots work?

You will specify a delivery day when you submit your order. We cannot guarantee a fixed timeslot for delivery.

How do I pay for my order?

When you submit your order you will be asked for your Credit Card details to pay for your order.

Is there a minimum order value?

We have a minimum order value of $200 + GST. Please ensure that your order exceeds this value or it will not be processed.

Is your pricing inclusive of GST?

All our pricing on MyBidfood is exclusive of GST. You will see the GST exclusive and inclusive value of your order in the order basket and in the final order submit process.

Are there any delivery charges?

We have a delivery charge of $10 + GST.

Do you offer smaller pack sizes? I notice a lot of items are sold in large quantities.

As Bidfood is a wholesale food supplier to the hospitality trade, we typically sell items in larger quantities – such as cartons. Most of our pack sizes are much larger than you would normally see in your grocery shop. It is therefore important to keep an eye out on the quantity you are adding to your cart and the UOM (Unit of Measure) you are purchasing.

You will see the most cost-effective pricing in the larger pack sizes.

What is Quick Order?

Quick Order is a functionality on MyBidfood which allows you to quickly re-add items to your basket that you have received in a previous order.

What does “10x500gm” mean in the product information?

Many products are available to be ordered by the unit (i.e. 500gm) and the Carton (i.e. 10x500gm).

This information appears in the Size information field in the product list. The price per unit is stated and you can choose how to add the item to your order.

In the example below $1.93 is the price for 500gm, and $19.25 is the price for 10x500gm.

How do I order meat lines?

Certain products are sold by the KG or by ‘Each’. Meats are a common example.

Many of our fresh and frozen meat lines are a “whole piece”, like a lamb leg. Note that many of them are of a larger size than you will see in the supermarket. They can be ordered by the KG or by the Each, but in all cases will be invoiced as per the final picked unit indicated by the weight range in the description. Adding the product to your basket by the Each will give you the best indication of the final value.